WoW Large Bomber Flight Stand (1)

WoW Large Bomber Flight Stand (1)


Set of 1 flight stand and peg. (1)

Expand your Wings of War games with our range of bomber flight stands.

These stands use our larger 4.5mm diameter flight pegs. These are not compatible with our stock range of regular flight stand accessories, only the LARGE HEAVY DUTY flight stand accessories will work with the thicker pegs.

These stands require assembly. 

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LITKO Deluxe Single Elevation Marker Accessory

(1) LITKO Deluxe Single Elevation Marker Accessory

Designed to fit LITKO® standard 1/8 inch (3mm) diameter pegs.

The Elevation Accessory Kit allows you to add elevation and aircraft status tracking to your LITKO® flight stands. 

The elevation accessory kit includes

  • (1) 7/8th-inch wide riser bottom

  • (1) 2-inch high riser with 7 slots

  • (4) clip-on status indicators

    • (1) Cloud for use during normal operation

    • (1) Gear to show mechanical damage

    • (1) Smoke trail to show major damage

    • (1) Flame trail to show the aircraft is on fire.

Requires assembly. See assembly diagram for details. 

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