Firestorm Armada Deluxe Flight Stand Set (3)

Firestorm Armada Deluxe Flight Stand Set (3)


Set of 3 Firestorm Armada* compatible deluxe flight stands. Includes: 3- 2 inch pegs, 3- 40mm square flight bases, and 3- deluxe flight base upper.

The deluxe stands are designed for Litko's Firestorm Armada* Token Set, available separately.

*This Litko token set is compatible with the Firestorm Armada game rules by Warcradle Studios. Litko Game Accessories is not affiliated with Warcradle Studios and they do not endorse these products.

The base features cutouts for tracking the main conditions of your ships during the game, right on the base! This makes it much easier and faster to move your ships without the trail of tokens behind it.

These flight stands require assembly with glue. See larger image links for assembly instructions.

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