Mini Objective Markers WWII British (5)

Mini Objective Markers WWII British (5)


Set of 5 markers.

WWII themed mini objective markers for your miniatures games. Each has the symbols and colour representing one of the various axis or allied nations fighting in WWII.

Great for any scale game, small 18mm size means they fit into tight places.

Easy to assemble, see assembly graphic. Gaming Enhancements recommend Tensol 12 acrylic cement for Litko plastic kits.

Compatible with any WWII miniatures game

Colour coded and features unique nation symbols

Easy to assemble, see assembly graphic

Mini Size, easy to place in any terrain feature

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FoW Command Tokens Set (25)

Set of 25 tokens.

LITKO command tokens set for use with Flames of War* miniatures game rules. Now you can get all the tokens you need for one player in one set. This set includes all the basic status tokens used during play. 

Thick plastic, easy to pick up

Large text size so they are easy to read

Made from durable and thick plastic, these tokens will stand up to prolonged use. Each token is etched with text noting the specific status it represents. You can easily improve the look of these by colouring in the text with a wax crayon.

This set includes:

4- Dug In tokens

4- Bogged Tokens

4- To Ground Tokens

4- Bailed Tokens

4- Double Move Tokens

4- Pinned Tokens

1- Ranged In Targeting Reticle Token

*Flames of War is produced by Battlefront Miniatures Limited of New Zealand. Litko Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Battlefront Miniatures Limited and these products are not endorsed by them.

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Tank Bailed Tokens (10)

Set of 10 Tank Bailed tokens.

LITKO command tokens can be used with most any miniature wargame rules. The collection is made up a variety of situation, condition and status types. These can be purchased in sets of ten, or as two different sets of ten different tokens from release wave I and II.

Tank Bailed tokens for your miniatures wargames.

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