Submarine Combat Set (36)

Submarine Combat Set (36)


(36) Multi-Coloured Submarine Combat Set

The submarine combat set includes a wide variety of tokens and markers to add even more options for your tabletop wargaming. Included in this set are:

  • (4) Periscope Depth tokens

  • (4) Running Silent tokens

  • (4) Submerged tokens

  • (8) Naval Torpedo tokens

  • (4) Torpedo Net tokens

  • (4) Evasive Maneuver tokens

  • (4) Depth Charge tokens 

  • (4) Depth Charge markers

The Depth Charge markers require assembly with glue. 

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Depth Charge Tokens (10)

Intrigue on the high seas! The cat and mouse tactics between the captains of submarines, and destroyers, just got a little more tense. These depth charge tokens allow you to clearly mark the location of each charge. Set of 10 tokens.

Check out the "Naval" section on this website for additional modern naval warfare products. For depth charge blast markers, check out the TS161 Submarine Combat Set.

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