Medium Flaming Wreckage Markers (5)

Medium Flaming Wreckage Markers (5)


Each marker is made up of a transparent grey smoke column, amber flames and a circular transparent yellow base. The wreckage markers are great for marking damage on vehicles and buildings in your miniatures games.

There are four different sizes, and a variety pack to choose from.

Small (Set of 7): Measures 30mm high by 15mm wide, the base is 15mm in diameter.

Medium (Set of 5): Measures 50mm high by 20mm wide, the base is 20mm in diameter.

Large (Set of 3): Measures 65mm high by 25mm wide, the base is 25mm in diameter.

XL (1): Measures 50mm in diameter and 100mm tall

Variety (Set of 5) includes, 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small markers.

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