Medium Smoke Screen (4)

Medium Smoke Screen (4)


(4) Medium Translucent White Smoke Screen Markers

Create a wall of smoke on the open seas with these smoke screen markers. Show where cannon blasts occurred, the remnants of a fire, or smoke out your enemy. 

These smoke screen markers are ideal for creating a wall of smoke. Each marker measures 76mm long by 30mm high. The base measures 70mm long by 15mm wide.

These markers require assembly.

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WoW Smoke Indicators (10)

Set of 10 WoW compatible peg clips

Upgrade your World War One dogfights with the WoW compatible Smoke Indicators. These clips are designed to work with your original stack-able pegs to indicate a plane that is damaged. The indicators are much more attractive than using cardboard tokens, and add to the visual excitement of your games.

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