Invisible Character Marker Set (10)

Invisible Character Marker Set (10)


(10) Invisible Character Marker Set

Compatible for use with your favourite fantasy role-playing games.

Transparent characters representing all the iconic races and classes of fantasy RPG's. Perfect for showing on a dungeon map that your character is invisible.

This set includes character markers for:

  • Human Fighter

  • Dwarf

  • Halfling

  • Elf Archer

  • Rogue

  • Gnome

  • Cleric

  • Wizard

  • Demon-kin

  • Dragon-kin

Assembly required.

Compatible with D&D®role playing game by Wizards of the Coast LLC. LITKO Game accessories is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast LLC, and they do not endorse this product.

Compatible with the Pathfinder role playing game by Paizo Inc., LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Paizo Inc. and they do not endorse this product.

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Horse, Character Mount Marker Kit (Various Colours) (1)
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Horse, Character Mount Marker Kit (Various Colours) (1)

Set of 1 marker.

The character mount markers are perfect for fantasy games where you need to show which models are mounted. The markers are designs to allow you to use any standing miniature on a 25mm or 1 inch circle or square base. Simply place the figure onto the clear mount location of the marker and move them together. Now you don't have to go through the expense and time to create mounted versions of your foot models.

These markers require assembly.

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