Iron Gate Markers (6)

Iron Gate Markers (6)


Set of 6 Markers.

This tall "iron" gate enhances the game in style by capturing the mythos theme, while securely holding either an original gate tokens that come with the game- or the new Elder Sign "sealed gate" translusent blue tokens from LITKO. By holding the gate upright, players can clearly see at a glance how many active and/or sealed gates are on the board.

Gamers that have selected the Iron Gate Markers have also purchased the accompanying LITKO Elder Sign tokens. These tokens are the same size as the original gate tokens- so players can easily see how many gates are sealed at a glance.

Note:  This product does require gluing the two upright pieces to the base.  You need a minimal amount of hobby cement glue.  Gaming Enhancements recommend Tensol 12 acrylic cement for Litko plastic kits.

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