DBA 3.0 Compatible, Small Scale Gauge Set (5)

DBA 3.0 Compatible, Small Scale Gauge Set (5)


(5) Transparent Light Blue DBA 3.0 Compatible Small Scale Gauge Set

A complete set of accessories gauges for your small scale, 40mm base width DBA games. The area gauges feature optional handles so they are easier to hold over your army.


  • (1) Recoil / Pursuit Gauge

  • (1)Threat Zone Gauge

  • (1) Arc of Fire Gauge

  • (1) Movement Gauge

  • (1) Shooting Gauge

This product requires assembly with glue, see graphics for instructions.

*Designed for use with the DBA 3.0 miniatures game by Wargames Research Group Ltd, LITKO Game Accessories is not affiliated with Wargames Research Group Ltd, and they do not endorse these products.

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DBA 3.0 Compatible, Player Bound Dial (1)

Track your DBA game bounds with this handy dial. Rotate the dial after each phase of the bound. This is perfect for keeping track of what you're doing during your play bound.

Dial indicates:

  • START phase

  • PIP's phase

  • MOVE phase

  • SHOOT phase

  • COMBAT phase

  • END phase

These dials are supplied unassembled. We recommend using a steel ruler or butter knife to place magnets into the dial halves. Be aware of the magnet polarities to make sure they are aligned before pressing into each half.  Insert the magnets with the etching side facing upward.

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