WoW Elevation Dials (10)

WoW Elevation Dials (10)


 Set of 10 dials and pointers, for use with the Wings of War* table top rules' miniatures bases.

These dials are designed for use with the official Wings of War*, and Wings of Glory stackable flight pegs.

They will NOT work with the LITKO standard 3mm flight pegs or Large HD pegs.


The dials are designed to fit snugly to the stack-able WoW pegs, and all ow you to track the elevation of your plane without the need to constantly replace or take away the stack-able peg components. Now you can track the elevation of your planes up to 15 levels high with just the sample turn of a pointer.

*Wings of War; is produced by Nexus Editrice Srl.. Litko Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Nexus Editrice and these products are not endorsed by them.

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WoW Flame Indicators (10)

Set of 10 WoW compatible peg clips

Upgrade Your World War One dogfights with the WoW compatible Flame Indicators. These clips are designs to work with your original stack-able pegs to indicate a plane that is on fire. The indicators are much more attractive than using cardboard tokens, and add to the visual excitement of your games.

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Wow Medium Bomber Flight Stand (1)

Set of 1 flight stand and peg.

Expand your Wings of War games with our range of bomber flight stands.

These stands require assembly. Gaming Enhancements recommend Tensol 12 acrylic cement for Litko plastic kits.

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