Terms & Conditions


Our terms and conditions for transactions are as follows:-

  • We aim to process orders by next working day and dispatch accordingly. If the customers order is delayed, we would ask for a period of 28 days from date of sale before enquiring as to the status of the order.
  • If we cannot meet the timescale above, we will make contact with the customer and discuss alternative arrangements. This may be a full or part refund of purchase amount, or a substitute product replacing any missing product.
  • If the order arrives with the customer in any way defective or missing parts of an order, we will replace/fulfil the order as soon as possible, with free postage.
  • If the order does not meet satisfaction and the customer wishes to exchange any item, Gaming Enhancements are to be informed within 28 days of purchase. The customer will be responsible for shipping/postal costs of return of product and the additional shipping of a new product.
  • Gaming Enhancements are not liable for any product variation (dimensions/colour/etc) as the products are produced by another manufacturer. We will adhere to the policy covering defects if parts cannot be fit together due to size variations.