Fantasy Naval Template Set (6)

Fantasy Naval Template Set (6)


Set of 6 templates for use with The Uncharted Seas* miniatures wargame rules. This set includes: 1 Fire-arc ruler in thin transparent clear, 1 Wind Gauge in thin transparent clear, 1 Blast Template in fluorescent amber, and 1 each of Large, Medium and Small Turn Tools in fluorescent blue.

The ruler features fire arcs for small, medium and large ships, and is marked off in eight 1-inch marks, the length of the standard range band. The blast template features deviation markings for eight different directions, and measures 4.75 inches in diameter (120mm). The turn tools use the outside edge of the gauge... place the tool next to the ship with the arrow pointing to the front of the ship. You can easily flip the turn tools for starboard and port turns.

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*This Litko token set is compatible with The Uncharted Seas game rules by Warcradle Studios. Litko Game Accessories is not affiliated with Warcradle Studios and they do not endorse these products.

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