LITKO Fire Indicators Clips Compatible with WoG Stackable Pegs, Fluorescent Amber (10)

LITKO Fire Indicators Clips Compatible with WoG Stackable Pegs, Fluorescent Amber (10)


(10) Fluorescent Amber Fire Indicators Clips Compatible with WoG Stackable Pegs

 Compatible with Wings of War and Wings of Glory miniatures games. Compatible with the ARES Games stacking peg bases.*

 Upgrade Your World War I dogfights with these WoW compatible Flame Indicators. These clips are designed to work with your original stack-able pegs to indicate a plane that is on fire. The indicators are much more attractive than using cardboard tokens and add to the visual excitement of your games. 

Easy to assemble. Snap onto any section the stackable pegs.

They will NOT work with the LITKO standard 1/8-inch (3mm) flight pegs or HD 3/16-inch (4.5mm) pegs.

Nexus Editrice Srl produces wings of War. Litko Game Accessories is not affiliated with Nexus Editrice, and they do not endorse these products.

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Explosive Damage Tokens, Numbered 1-5 (10)

Set of 10 tokens.

Track your damage in style with these bright and stylized damage tokens. Two sets, numbered 1-5 to track damage on multiple targets.

  • Set of 10 tokens

  • 2 sets, numbered 1-5

  • Bright fluorescent orange

  • Unique shapes and etching

  • Great for tracking damage

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Small Flaming Wreckage Markers (7)

Each marker is made up of a transparent grey smoke column, amber flames and a circular transparent yellow base. The wreckage markers are great for marking damage on vehicles and buildings in your miniatures games.

There are four different sizes, and a variety pack to choose from.

Small (Set of 7): Measures 30mm high by 15mm wide, the base is 15mm in diameter.

Medium (Set of 5): Measures 50mm high by 20mm wide, the base is 20mm in diameter.

Large (Set of 3): Measures 65mm high by 25mm wide, the base is 25mm in diameter.

XL (1): Measures 50mm in diameter and 100mm tall

Variety (Set of 5) includes, 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small markers.

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